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Some more about Artycat Faces - and this amazing profession as a face painter

Artycat Faces (ie me!) has face painted children and adults for many years in London and Surrey (over 12 years in fact!). Face painting is such an amazing job to have - I have always been so thankful I got into it through my gorgeous friend Fiona (who is sadly now living in Australia). After I finished my Art and Design degree in Manchester I started face painting as a part-time job and have never looked back!

Face painting has evolved so much over the years - the products and techniques have improved immensely. Professional face painters now use a combination of bright neon and UV colours, one stroke palettes (which mean you can apply 3-5 colours just using one brush stroke), shimmery shades and all types of fine and chunky glitters. This just makes our job so much fun and means we can provide great, new and innovative designs for our customers at children’s parties and events. The downside is that we tend to spend so much of our hard-earned money on new products (although this is also very satisfying!)

In my 12 years as a face painter I can certainly say that as a whole those choosing this profession are one of the most friendly and caring types of people I have met - people who take their businesses seriously and just love being arty, creative and providing great customer service. It’s a job you can truly have a great passion and love for. It's always so amazing to see a little one’s face light up as they have been transformed into their favourite animal or superhero. This helps us have true job satisfaction - even if our backs are hurting from face painting for hours on end at a festival or corporate event - we would not have it any other way!

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