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Adult face painting and glitter for parties

Adult face art and glitter and gem designs have become so popular over the last couple of years, made mainstream by businesses such as The Gypsy Shrine and people just loving being glittered for festivals such as Glastonbury and Coachella. Festivals are the place to be creative in your outfits, let go and go wild, and glitter helps you do just that - something you can't do so often in your normal daily life.

Lately we have had many more bookings for adult parties - whether its a fancy dress 50th birthday on an animal theme, a hen night where we do glitter art on all the girls or a wedding or baby shower where we can face paint children and also make adults look glam.

Our new brand The Boho Butterflies aims to cater to those who want an alternative type of entertainment for their event. Focusing more on adult events (although we still do children too!) we aim to provide bespoke designs for each guest - matching colours to complexions, outfits and personal tastes. Designs include glam cheek art such as butterflies, flowers, masquerade masks and tribal patterns, all finished off with chunky glitter and sparkly gems. We create designs which are colourful or black and white, striking or subtle, small or large, on the face or body! Guests walk away with an eye-catching design which provide a great pic for instagram.

The Boho Butterflies are three friends and face painters - Caragh, Jenny and Jeanette. We have a combined time of over 30 years of professional face painting experience. We all love a bit of Boho style and that feeling of letting go and having fun. We are so grateful we get to work with people having such a great time at celebratory events!

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